Human resource management What is the nature of the work and scope?

Human resource management What is the nature of the work and scope?

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a branch that is extremely important in the business operations of any organization, whether large or small. The main function of HRM is to manage and develop human resources, which are important resources for the organization. In order for people to be most effective and able to fully support the organization's goals and success, in this article we will explore the nature and scope of human resource management in detail to understand the overall picture of this field and its importance to organizations in order to Develop high quality human resources

Nature of human resource management (HRM) work

Human Resources Management (HRM) is the process of aligning the goals of the workforce and the goals of the organization. for the mutual success of both organizations and individuals Various features of human resource management include:

  • Human resource management (HRM) is the process of aligning employee goals with organizational goals. For the mutual success of organizations and individuals Human resource management has various functions such as:
  • The focus is on the results of management rather than the rules of principle.
  • Help develop employees' potential to the maximum.
  • Encourage employees to work for the organization to the best of their abilities.
  • It involves all personnel in the organization, both individually and in groups.
  • Assign work and appoint employees correctly and appropriately for efficient operations.
  • Help the organization achieve its future operating goals by recruiting and selecting talented and motivated individuals to work.
  • Try to build and maintain good relationships between employees at different levels in the organization.
  • Gathering together various fields of science and art. Principles and knowledge including psychology, economics, management, marketing, etc. are used to manage and manage personnel in the organization for maximum benefit.

Scope of work of human resource management (HRM)

HRM is a field that focuses on managing human resources in organizations. The main tasks of HRM include

1. Recruiting and selecting appropriate people

The main function of human resource management is to recruit and select appropriate people for positions in the organization. This process includes a call for applications, testing, interviews, and verification of applicant suitability.

2. Training and development

HRM must plan and manage training programs and develop employees so that they are ready to perform their jobs competently. By providing training and developing knowledge of technical abilities and skills during the workplace.

3. Managing relationships at work

HRM must create a good atmosphere in the workplace and manage relationships among employees to influence efficiency and satisfaction.

4. Assessment and performance management

The human resource management department must plan and manage the employee evaluation and performance process. To improve the efficiency and competency of employees

5. Managing violence in the workplace

Human resource management must address workplace violence and plan for violence prevention and related resolution.

6. Learning management and knowledge development in the organization

HRM must create learning structures and support the development of knowledge in the organization. To provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary for their work

7. Manage employee welfare

HRM must take care of welfare. Rights that should be received smoothly and accepted universally, such as social security, appropriate compensation Take care of the health and safety of employees, etc.

Human resource management is a field that plays an important role in increasing the efficiency and competency of employees in an organization. Principle duties of human resource management In addition to human resource management Development and training Wage and benefits management Termination and retirement planning and creating a friendly atmosphere in the workplace Effective functioning in this field will help the organization to be recognized as a strong and successful business and move towards a sustainable future.

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