Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Planning is a process of forecasting the organization's future human resource needs that focuses on providing the organization with human resources that are sufficient and appropriate to the organization's needs in terms of both quantity and quality Taking into account various factors such as the environment of the organization Organizational strategy and resources available in the organization Today, FDI A&A will take you to take an in-depth look at human resource planning. If you're ready, let's get started!

The human resource planning process consists of the following main steps:

  • Human Resource Demand Analysis is a step that studies and predicts the organization's future human resource needs. By considering various factors such as the goals of the organization. Corporate strategic plan changes in the organizational environment and labor market trends
  • Human Resource Inventory Analysis is a process that studies and collects information about the organization's current workforce. By considering various factors such as the skills, knowledge, experience, and abilities of employees.
  • Comparison of needs and available manpower (Demand-Supply Analysis) is a step that compares future human resource needs with the current workforce. To identify the differences between the two parts This could be a difference in quantity or quality.
  • Developing human resource planning strategies (Human Resource Planning Strategies) is the process of developing various strategies. To solve the problem of differences between demand and available manpower. The human resource planning strategy may include recruitment strategy. Human resource development strategy Strategy for moving jobs within the organization and termination strategies
  • Human resource allocation It is a step in which the organization must allocate human resources to suit the job positions and mission of the organization. This may include job designations. Defining the organizational structure Determination of manpower

Benefits of human resource planning

Human resource planning is beneficial to organizations in many ways as follows:

  • Help the organization achieve its objectives. This is because the organization is able to provide sufficient human resources that are appropriate to their needs.
  • Helps organizations reduce costs in human resource management. This is because the organization can plan the efficient use of human resources.
  • Helps organizations increase work efficiency. Because the organization can develop the potential of human resources to be in line with needs.
  • Helps the organization to retain talented human resources with the organization.

Factors affecting human resource planning

Factors affecting human resource planning include:

  • The organizational environment, such as changes in technology market changes Changes in laws and regulations
  • Organizational strategies such as growth strategies Cost reduction strategy Market expansion strategy
  • Resources available in the organization such as budget, human resources

Human resource planning example

An example of human resource planning is an organization planning to expand into neighboring countries. Therefore, it is necessary to have employees with knowledge and skills to work abroad. Organizations therefore need human resource planning to find employees with such skills to work.


Another example is An organization plans to develop a new product. Therefore, it is necessary to have employees with engineering and marketing skills. Organizations therefore need human resource planning to develop the skills of existing employees or recruit new employees with such skills to work.

Human resource planning is an important process for organizations of all sizes. It will help the organization to have sufficient human resources that are appropriate to the needs of the organization. This will have a positive impact on the organization's performance and competitiveness.

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