How to expand your business? Using the lowest capital

How to expand your business? Using the lowest capital

Business expansion is another step towards sustainable growth for any business that requires careful planning and efficient execution. Whether it's a small or large business. An important first step is to set clear goals and strategies. To increase the size and success of your business And if you're worried about funding, don't worry. Today at FDI A&A, we'll take you to explore how to expand your business with the lowest cost.

1. Request funding from the government

In order to grow your business, it is necessary to use capital. There are many government agencies such as OSMEP, TCG, ISMED, etc. There are often programs that support free funds for business owners. We are accepting applications from business owners to propose business plans for various projects. Most will consider businesses that create innovations or create benefits for the country.

Therefore, business owners must prepare themselves to present their business plans. If the project is interesting has been selected You may have to wait 3-6 months for cash approval. Business owners should prepare emergency funds. so that the business is not interrupted

2. Corporate income tax exemption project

Being exempt from corporate income tax on your business profits is a great benefit to growing your business because being exempt from taxes allows you to have capital earned from your business results to grow your business. as much as possible

This project can exempt corporate income tax for up to 13 years, depending on the type of business and conditions. You can also reduce your income tax by 50% for another 5 years, which will allow you to use this money to expand your business in the long term. If anyone is interested in FDI A&A, we are ready to give advice and apply to join your project. Contact here.

3. Import tax exemption project

In this section, taxes and duties will be exempted from importing machinery. Raw materials for production for export and items imported for use in research and development No taxes will be collected if you participate in the project. This will be very beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business because if their business grows, it will need to use more resources in every sector. Being exempt from import taxes will help reduce production costs and increase profits.

4. Thailand i4.0 Platform Project

This project is an evaluation of the organization to know what gaps the organization still has. Help check factory health It makes you aware of areas that need to be developed and improved to provide an overall picture of the capabilities of each industry and can also help plan work and investment. An organizational assessment will help you see where your organization's strengths and weaknesses lie. In what direction should it be developed? This helps shorten the development time as well. The project still has funding support of up to 100,000 baht. If anyone is interested, more information can be found at Thailand i4.0 Platform

5. Other benefits from the government

There are also other government projects that, if you receive benefits, will be very beneficial to the organization, such as

  • Allowing foreigners to hold 100% of shares (except for businesses listed in List One of the Foreign Business Act or those that are specifically prescribed by other laws)
  • Permission to own land for business operations This benefit provides greater flexibility and security for long-term business planning and expansion.
  • License for craftsmen/experts to come and work For foreign employees This benefit improves the process of hiring and retaining internationally skilled personnel.

FDI Accounting & Advisory is a business consultant. with experts with a lot of experience and knowledge More than 28 years of experience helping unlock your full potential and stay ahead in a highly competitive market. That will help you expand your business at low costs. As well as help apply for government benefits and programs that are most beneficial to your business. You can contact to request service here In addition, we provide Total consulting service Covers from company registration. Requesting licenses to operate various businesses Provide tax advice Accounting both monthly and yearly Support business growth and expansion Providing advice on human resource systems Including counseling and visa application services. and work permit


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