What is Carbon Footprint?

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What is Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint is an indicator of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from human activities. throughout the life cycle of a product, service, or organization, such as electricity use, fossil fuel use Transportation Processes in industry or agriculture, for example, are like the carbon footprints we leave on the earth. Calculated in units Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)

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Why is carbon footprint important?

Greenhouse gases It is the main cause of global warming. Affecting climate change A natural disaster occurred. and affect the ecosystem Measuring carbon footprint Therefore, it is an important tool in helping us understand the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from various activities. Carbon footprints are important to individuals, organizations, and our world as follows:

1. Help understand environmental impacts

Carbon footprint is like a tool for measuring the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from our various activities. It helps us to be aware of our impact on the environment.

2. Encourage the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Once you know the amount of carbon footprint We can find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as changing our energy consumption behavior. Choose products that are environmentally friendly. Support carbon credit reduction projects

3. Promote sustainability

Reducing your carbon footprint helps reduce global warming. Promote sustainable use of resources and create a low carbon society

4. Increase competitiveness

Nowadays, consumers are starting to pay more attention to products and services that are environmentally friendly. Organizations that can reduce their carbon footprint It will create a good image, attract customers and increase business opportunities.

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How many types of carbon footprint are there?

Divided into 2 main types as follows:

1. Carbon footprint of the organization (Organizational Carbon Footprint)

Refers to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from various organizational activities such as fuel combustion, electricity use, waste management, transportation, water use, paper use, etc., measured in the form of tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), divided into 3 Type (Scope) as follows:

Scope 1 : Direct greenhouse gas emissions from sources within the organization, such as the combustion of fuel in company cars. Burning fuel in factories Methane emissions from wastewater treatment plants

Scope 2 : Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the use of electricity, heat, and cold air purchased from outside.

Scope 3 : Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from other activities. related to the organization such as transportation of goods Business travel use of consumables waste management Investment in other companies

2. Product Carbon Footprint

Refers to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted throughout the product's life cycle. From raw material procurement, production, transportation, use, and maintenance. until the elimination Measured in terms of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

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Types of carbon footprint labels

The carbon footprint of products is divided into 4 categories according to the method of displaying greenhouse gas emissions data as follows:

  • Label indicating low carbon emissions (Low – Carbon Seal) Shows lower greenhouse gas emissions than products in the same group.
  • Carbon score label (Carbon Score) Shows the carbon footprint of the product.
  • Label indicating carbon emissions level (Carbon Rating) Shows the level of greenhouse gas emissions of the product.
  • Carbon offset label (Carbon Offset Label) Shows that the manufacturer has compensated Carbon Footprint of the product

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