What are Carbon Credits?

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What are Carbon Credits?

Carbon Credits Refers to the rights that individuals or organizations receive from reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is like a "license" that can be traded in the carbon credit market, where 1 carbon credit is equal to 1 ton of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) that can be generated from Reducing or storing greenhouse gases from various projects such as reforestation, use of renewable energy. Increasing energy efficiency, etc.

Preparation steps carbon credits

Preparation steps carbon credits

1. Project development

  • Set project type that it will be a project Reduce greenhouse gas emissions or absorb greenhouse gases. Example projects include using alternative energy, reforestation, waste management, etc.
  • Project design By specifying methods to reduce or store carbon. Estimating the amount of greenhouse gases Set goals, time period, budget, etc.
  • Study and follow the standards. By choosing the appropriate standard for the project, such as Thailand's T-VER standard, Gold Standard, VCS standard, etc.

2. Project registration

  • Apply for project registrationwith responsible agencies In Thailand, it is filed with the Greenhouse Gas Management Organization. (Public Organization) or TGO
  • Prepare supporting documents Project details Results of the environmental impact assessment study Land rights document Business license, etc.
  • TGO considers and examines project qualifications.

3. Certification of greenhouse gas emissions

  • Hire an independent inspection unit The inspection unit will inspect and certify the amount of greenhouse gases that have actually been reduced or stored.
  • Conduct inspections according to standards The inspection unit checks information, documents, locations, operations, etc.
  • Issue a carbon credit certificate The inspection body will issue a certificate of the number of carbon credits received by the project.

4. Carbon credit trading

  • The seller and buyer agree on a price and amount of carbon credits.
  • Conduct trading through the carbon credit registration system in Thailand using the T-VER Credit system.
  • TGO inspects and records trades.

5. Carbon credit compensation

  • Carbon credit buyers use to offset their greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Report your intention to use carbon credits to the TGO.
  • TGO checks and cancels carbon credits from buyers' accounts.
Benefits of Carbon Credits

Benefits of Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits have many benefits within and outside the organization, both for buyers, sellers, and the world as a whole, as follows:

1. Benefits to buyers

  • Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the company or organization
  • Helps reduce the risk of being fined Greenhouse gas emissions fee
  • Create a good image as an organization that is socially and environmentally responsible
  • Increase business opportunities with partners who value environmental issues

2. Benefits to sellers

  • Make money in addition to selling carbon credits.
  • Promote development technology and methods for reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Create a good image as an organization that is socially and environmentally responsible
  • Increase business opportunities with partners who value environmental issues

3. Benefits to the world

  • Helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions slow down climate change
  • Promote the conservation of natural resources
  • Promote development renewable energy
  • Create a job in the environmental sector
Examples of projects that can be created carbon credits

Examples of projects that can be created carbon credits

  • Renewable energy projects such as solar energy projects wind energy project
  • Project to increase energy efficiency For example, a project to change to use LED light bulbs, a project to install an efficient air conditioning system.
  • Forest conservation project such as reforestation projects Project to prevent deforestation
  • Project to change to a transportation system that emits less pollution For example, the project to change to use electric trains. Project to support the use of public transportation

There are also many other useful projects. You can continue reading the article What are the projects for generating carbon credits? that we have collected for you. And if anyone is looking for an environmental consultant, FDI Accounting and Advisory is ready to serve and help you in every step to move towards a sustainable business.

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