Register a company What documents are required?

Register a company What documents are required?

Company registration is an important step in expanding your business to grow steadily. In a previous article, FDI A&A has already written about how to set up a company, its importance, and the advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will delve into the documents required to register a company. So that everyone can prepare complete documents that can be used. If you're ready, let's get started!

Establishing a limited company Use the following documents for registration:

1. Application for registration of a limited company (Form B.O.J.1) or certificate page

is a document that certifies that the company or business that carries out this activity Has been legally registered as a legal entity. According to the Civil and Commercial Code

2. Form certifying registration of a limited company

3. Memorandum of Association (Form B.O.J.2)

is a document that the founders of the company have agreed to prepare in accordance with legal requirements. This document is intended to explain its purpose and details. in founding the company For what reason was it established? It specifies details about the company that was founded, such as the name of the company, the founder, and the address of the company. Including the registered capital of the company. This is to express the company's intentions to the state and the general public.

4. Details of the intended object (Form W.)

It is a document that defines the objectives of the company. The Department of Business Development will have 5 ready-made W. forms for us to use. You can choose to use them according to our objectives or add them according to your company's objectives.

5. Establishment registration list (Form B.O.J.3)

is a form that shows the details of the company's capital. Details of all stocks of the company Amount already spent on each share Amount of money received by the company for shares or the name of the director who signs to bind the company

6. Form for new directors (Form A)

Namely, Director Details is a form for filling in the details of new directors.

7. List of shareholders (Form B.O.J.5)

It is a form that shows who is a shareholder in this company. It contains important information such as the registered capital value. Number of shares and par value of shares, share number and date of registration as shareholder, etc.

8. Copy of the notice of meeting to establish the company.

9. A copy of the minutes of the company establishment meeting.

10. Copy of regulations, stamped with duty of 200 baht (if any)

11. Evidence of payment for shares issued by the company to shareholders.

12. In the case of a limited company with foreign shareholders holding shares in the company less than 50% of the registered capital.

or in the case of a limited company There are no foreigners as shareholders but are directors who have the authority to sign or co-sign to bind the company to submit documents issued by the bank. Provided to certify or show the financial status of shareholders who are Thai nationals in conjunction with the application for registration. The said document must show the amount of money that corresponds to the amount of money invested in each shareholder's shares.

13. Form Sor Sor Chor.1, 1 copy

14. Map showing the office location and nearby important places.

15. Copy of identification card of every director.

16. Copy of the principle to certify the signature (if any)

Preparing complete documents for company establishment will not only help the company registration go smoothly. It also helps to avoid wasting time and operating expenses that may increase due to various problems. If anyone wants to register a company but is still hesitating whether to hire a company registration company or not. Try reading the article Is it really a good company registration service? for use in making decisions and recommending FDI Accounting & Advisory provides complete company registration services in one place. More than 28 years of experience

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