How to pay taxes as a company ?

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How to pay taxes as a company ?

Company Registration It is a way to raise the level of business from an ordinary person. To become a juristic person build credibility Help expand business opportunities There are also tax benefits. However, registered companies Must have different tax responsibilities than individuals. This article will explain the types of taxes that companies must pay. Tax filing procedures and summary of important points regarding taxes for companies

Types of taxes that companies must pay

Companies that are already registered The following main taxes must be paid:

Value Added Tax (VAT)

It is a tax that is levied on general goods and services. Generally, the VAT rate is 7%, but there are some types of goods and services that are exempt from VAT or pay VAT at a rate of 0%. Companies with annual sales of goods and services exceeding 1.8 million. baht must register for VAT and file VAT returns and pay taxes regularly. Read more at VAT registration

Corporate income tax

It is a tax that is levied on a company's net profits. It is calculated from income minus necessary and legal expenses. The current corporate income tax rate is 20% of net profits. Corporate income tax is collected from the company's net profits. Tax rates depend on income.

  • Not more than 300,000 baht: exempted
  • More than 300,000 baht but not more than 3,000,000 baht: 15%
  • Over 3,000,000 baht or more: 20%

Withholding tax

It is a tax that is levied on certain types of income that a company pays to other parties, such as salary, rent, interest, service fees, etc. Withholding tax rates vary. Depends on the type of income

Property tax

It is a tax levied on land and buildings owned by a company. Property tax rates depend on the type of land and building. Assessed value and area

Billboard tax

It is a tax that is levied on advertising signs that companies install or display. Billboard tax rates depend on the size, type, and location of the billboard.

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Tax filing process

Companies that are already registered Must file a tax return and pay tax according to the type of tax as follows:

  • VAT: Companies registered for VAT Must file a VAT return and pay tax monthly or quarterly, depending on sales.
  • Corporate income tax: Companies must file a corporate income tax return and pay taxes 2 times per year: half-year corporate income tax and full-year corporate income tax.
  • Withholding tax: Companies must submit withholding tax returns and send receipts/tax invoices along with salary slips to the Revenue Department on a regular basis.
  • Property tax: Companies must file property tax returns and pay taxes within the deadline announced by the Treasury Department.
  • Billboard tax: The company must submit a billboard tax return and pay the tax within the deadline announced by the municipal office or local administrative organization.

Documents for filing taxes

Documents for filing taxes will vary Depends on the type of tax. In general, the documents required for tax filing are as follows:

  • Tax return form
  • Receipt/Tax invoice
  • Salary slip
  • Other related documents
  • Tax filing channels

Companies can file taxes in several ways as follows:

  • Electronic filing (e-Filing): It is a convenient, fast, and economical channel to submit forms and pay taxes through the Revenue Department's website.
  • Submit forms in person: You can submit forms and pay taxes at the local revenue office.
  • Submit forms through banks: You can submit forms and pay taxes through participating banks.
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