What is VAT License registration? Let's find out

What is VAT License registration? Let's find out

Everyone may be familiar with the word Value Added Tax or VAT 7% but would like to be unfamiliar with VAT License registration and if anyone is starting a business that sells products and provides services with an income of more than 1.8 million baht per year, you should definitely read this article. By the way FDI A&A Explore about registration, what is VAT License and various information. To make everyone understand more about VAT. If you're ready, let's get started!

What is a VAT License ?

VAT License is a VAT registration certificate. This is an important document showing that the company has registered for VAT or entered the VAT system. This means that entrepreneurs in the VAT system must have additional duties as follows:

  1. Every sales item that occurs must be charged VAT 7% and sales tax will be sent to the Revenue Department.
  2. Input tax arising from various purchases The company must keep tax invoices. as evidence for tax credits (That is, the purchase tax is deducted from the sales tax)
  3. VAT must be submitted using Form PP.30 on a monthly basis.

For example, Company A Company Limited has monthly sales of 1000 baht with sales tax of 7%, which is 70 baht. And the company has purchases for the entire month of 700 baht and has input tax of 7% at 49 baht. Therefore, the amount that the company must submit to PHO 30. to the Revenue Department is 70 - 49 = 21 baht. But if the sales tax is less than the input tax, the negative amount can be taken as a tax credit to use in the next month.

What information is in VAT License?

  1. The word PP 20, Value Added Tax Registration Certificate
  2. Operator name
  3. Establishment name
  4. Select to show whether it is the head office or branch.
  5. Company address
  6. Company contact number
  7. Date of becoming a VAT registered operator
  8. Name and position of the revenue officer of this registration issuer

How to register for VAT

How to register for VAT VAT registration This can be done in 2 ways as follows:

  • Submit the application form via the internet at rd.go.th 
  • Submit the application form on paper at the registration unit where the establishment is located.

Documents used for VAT registration

  • Registration application form P.P.01, 3 copies
  • Copy of ID card and a copy of the house registration of the authorized director or entrepreneur 1 copy
  • One copy of the house registration used to set up the business establishment.
  • At least 4 pictures of the office, both inside and outside, 2 sets.
  • 2 sets of office maps
  • A copy of the certificate of registration of the legal entity with its objectives / a copy of the commercial registration certificate / a photo of the letter of establishment of a non-juristic person group, 1 copy
  • Power of attorney (if any) in the case of allowing another person to register on behalf of the business if they have authority of the business, 1 copy.
  • One copy of the ID card and house registration of the owner of the place (in cases where the person with authority is not the owner of the place)
  • One letter of consent to use the location (in cases where the person with authority is not the owner of the location)
  • 1 rental contract (in the case of renting an office location)

Benefits of Vat License

  • Bringing the Vat License registration form to display at the business establishment where it can be clearly seen. It is a legal matter that must be done. This is because if a revenue officer comes to inspect our establishment, most of us will usually ask to see this document as well.
  • If you are a newly opened company at and want to buy or sell products with other companies Mostly when it is the first contact. Business partners often ask for various information such as certificates, financial statements, or Vat License registration certificates, etc., to build trustworthiness for the business that we are entering the system legally.
  • The Vat License registration form can be used as a document for paying taxes calculated based on reported income. By sending it to the tax authority to pay taxes as scheduled.
  • It is evidence for requesting a loan from a bank, such as borrowing money from a bank. The bank will have to request various documents and evidence of the company such as registration certificate Vat License, company certificate, financial statements, etc. to ensure that our company is entered into the system correctly. and to ensure that our company is in good enough financial health. to be able to grant loans

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