What is registered capital?? Things you should know before registering a company

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What is registered capital?? Things you should know before registering a company

Company Registration It is an important step for the business. Many people may be wondering how much registered capital they should register with. Today, FDI Accounting and Advisory will clear up your doubts. Understand roles, duties and importance, as well as recommend methods for registering and managing registered capital efficiently.

Registered capital It is the amount of capital that the promoters of the company agree to use to start the business. It is expressed as the amount specified in the memorandum of association. and company registration certificate which will be displayed to the public You must register with the Department of Business Development. This amount of capital is like a reserve fund that the company can use for operations, investments, expansion, or debt repayment.

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What is the minimum registered capital required by law?

  • Limited Company : Registered capitalMinimum 10 baht with common shares must have value Not less than5 baht per share and must have shareholders Not less than 2 people
  • Limited Partnership : Registered capitalNo minimum but must have at least 2 partners
  • Juristic Ordinary Partnership : Registered capitalNo minimum. But there must be at least 2 partners
  • Public Company Limited : Registered capitalMinimum 5 million baht Ordinary shares must have value Not less than10 baht per share  and must have shareholders. Not less than 15 people
Importance of registered capital

Importance of registered capital

  • It shows the size and financial stability of the business. : Registered capital reflects potential. and reliability of the business The higher the registered capital, It creates confidence among customers, partners and investors.
  • Determine the scope of shareholders' responsibilities. : In the case where the company has debts Shareholders will be responsible for repaying the debt. But not more than the amount of money that he has invested in the company.
  • Used as collateral to apply for a loan from a bank. : Banks often consider registered capital. together with other factors in considering loans
  • Used to reserve property : The company can use its registered capital. In reserving and purchasing assets such as land, buildings, machinery
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Factors that should be considered in determining the amount of registered capital

  1. Business type
  • Smallsmallsized businesses may require only 15 baht of registered capital (minimum by law).
  • Medium-sized businesses may require registered capital of 100,000 – 1,000,000 baht.
  • Alargesized business may require registered capital of more than 1,000,000 baht.
  1. Size of the business
  • Businesses with asmall number of employees may requirelittle registered capital.
  • Businesses with alarge number of employees may requirelargeg registered capital.
  1. Finding funding sources
  • Business that raises funds from investors May be required to show a high amount of registered capital.
  • Business using personal funds It may not be necessary to show a high amount of registered capital.
  1. Company image
  • Businesses with high registered capital It will create a more reliable image than a business with low registered capital.
  1. Business expansion plan
  • Businesses with business expansion plans Need to have more registered capital. To support business expansion expenses
Registered capital allocation strategy

Registered capital allocation strategy

  1. Analysis of initial costs : Estimate costs for registration, renting space, purchasing equipment, hiring employees, etc.
  2. Plan the use of funds : Set a proportion of funds for each activity, such as 50% for startup costs, 30% for business expansion, 20% for reserves.
  3. Consider the long term : Business growth forecast Allow funds for future business expansion.
  4. Consult an expert : Consult a lawyer, accountant or financial planner. To receive advice regarding the allocation of registered capital by FDI Accounting & Advisory It is a company that provides complete company registration services. With more experience 28 ปี ขอคำปรึกษาได้Free !

Example of allocation of registered capital

Business type: Coffee shop

Registered capital: 1,000,000 baht

  • Initial expenses: 600,000 baht
    • Registration fee 50,000 baht
    • Space rental fee 200,000 baht
    • Buy equipment 200,000 baht
    • Hire employees for 150,000 bahtHire employees for 150,000 baht
  • Business expansion: 300,000 baht
    • Purchase additional equipment 100,000 baht
    • Develop a new menu 100,000 baht
    • Expand new branch 100,000 baht
  • Spare: 100,000 baht
    • Supports miscellaneous expenses
    • Supports emergency situations

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