Is the company registration service really good?

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Is the company registration service really good?

Starting a business can be an exciting but challenging endeavor. One of the cornerstones of building a successful business is the legal process of registering a company. Although the registration process can be carried out independently. But many entrepreneurs opt for a professional company registry. In this article, we'll explore the advantages of using a company registry and how it can streamline the process.

What is company registration? There is an answer today..

Company registration is 2 or more people joining to invest and form an organization. The main objective of the joint establishment is to seek profit by the limited company dividing the capital into shares. As a result, investors in the company will be called shareholders , whereby the shareholders will be liable for no more than the amount that they have not paid in full of the value of the shares they hold, but after the company has been registered. will have the status of a juristic person under the law The company registration services can be divided into 2 main categories:

1. Commercial Registration Type (individual)

It is a type of company registration for a person who runs a business solely. manage tasks all by myself Of course, he was the only one with the highest power in the company. and earn profits alone But if the company loses will be responsible for the debt alone as well.

2. Juristic person registration

It is a popular type of company registration. It is a business for a company with 2 co-founders in general and will be divided into 3 sub-categories as follows.

  1. Ordinary Limited Partnership Co-investors have equal power. Profits are charged as income of the partnership. If there is a loss problem All partners are responsible.
  2. Limited partnership is a juristic person and divided the liability of the partners into two types: those responsible for limited liability no jurisdiction and the person responsible for unlimited liabilities Has the power to make decisions and perform various tasks
  3. Limited companies need 3 or more investors to share investments with shares of equal value. for liability for contingent liabilities will be responsible for not more than the number of shares received

Advantages of using a company registration service

1. Have expertise and knowledge

Using the company registration service, there will be a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. Expertise in legal requirements, documents and procedures involved in registering a company. When using the company registration service, entrepreneurs can rest assured that all necessary documents are properly prepared.

2. Saves time and money.

There are many steps involved in registering a company. Including filling out various forms Applying for licenses and permits and send documents to government agencies This process can be time consuming and can cause the business owner to lose time from the core activities of the business. The use of a company registration service can speed up the process. This saves entrepreneurs valuable time. In addition, the use of professional company registration services also avoids potential mistakes.

3. Legal Practices

Meeting the legal requirements involved in registering a company can be a complex task. The company registration service provider has a thorough understanding of the legal framework. They can then advise you on choosing the right legal structure for your business. And reduce the risk of legal problems in the future if using the company registration service with professionals

4. Tailored solutions

Our company registration service caters to the specific needs of each business. By working closely with entrepreneurs to understand the objectives. business activities and long-term goals Based on this insight, tailored solutions are offered, such as trademark registration assistance. Drafting a partnership agreement or providing advice on intellectual property rights. These additional services are of great value to entrepreneurs. They help protect their brand, maintain confidentiality and keep business running smoothly.


Utilizing a company registration service offers a number of benefits to entrepreneurs starting their journey to start their own business. From saving time and money to legal compliance and offering customizable solutions. FDI Accounting & Advisory offers outsourced company registration services. That will help make the method of company registration easy, complete, complete in one place, ready to take care and provide comprehensive advice. can be contacted for service  Here, where our services cover service from company registration Application for business licenses Tax Consulting Accounting both monthly and yearly Supporting business growth and expansion Consulting in the field of human resource systems Including consulting and visa services. and work permit

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