Hired to make salary New options for the digital age

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Hired to make salary New options for the digital age

In the digital age, technology plays an important role in every aspect of life. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are looking for new ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. One of the options that is becoming more and more popular is using the "salary service" service.

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What is a salaried service?

Salary making services or Payroll Outsourcing refers to services that companies or organizations Hire an outside company to manage all or part of employee salary work instead of doing it yourself.

The main services of the salary contract service include:

  • Calculate salary : Including normal wages, overtime pay, bonuses, commissions, social security, provident fund. Personal income tax, etc.
  • Prepare a salary slip : Inform employees of details of salary, income, deduction of this and that.
  • Pay salary : Transfer salary to employees via bank account.
  • Manage documents : About salary Prepare tax reports Send social security money Send money to the provident fund
  • Advising : About labor laws, taxes, social security, provident funds


Big problems in business and salary

  • Waste time : Calculating salary, social security, taxes and preparing salary slips. It is a time-consuming and high-resolution job.
  • Risk : Miscalculations can lead to legal problems and affect employee relations.
  • Expenses : Hiring an accounting staff or using a ready-made salary program.
  • Hassle : Following up on changes in labor and tax laws.
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Why use the service? Hired to make salary So is it a new option for the digital age?

1. Save time and money

Using a payroll service helps businesses save time and costs in many ways.

  • Save time : Businesses do not need to hire specific employees to take care of payroll work. This allows more time to be focused on the core tasks of the business.
  • Save money : Businesses do not need to invest in software and hardware for calculating salaries.
  • Reduce risk : Businesses do not have to worry about errors in calculating salaries, taxes, and social security.

2. Increase efficiency

Salary companies usually have a team of highly experienced experts.

  • Accurate : Ensure that employees' salaries, taxes, and social security are calculated correctly.
  • Modern : Salary companies often use modern software and technology.
  • Safe : Employee information will be kept secure.

3. Increase flexibility

Using a payroll service gives your business more flexibility.

  • Easy to scale : Businesses can adjust the size of their services to suit the number of employees.
  • Supports business expansion : Businesses do not need to worry about hiring additional employees as their workforce increases.
  • Work anywhere, anytime : Businesses can access employee salary information anywhere, anytime.

4. Increase competitiveness

Using payroll services helps businesses increase their competitiveness.

  • Make an impression on employees : Employees will be impressed by the efficient salary system.
  • Attract talent New's: Businesses can attract new talent.
  • Create a good image : The business will have a modern corporate image.
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Who is the salaried employee service suitable for?

  • Small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) : Those who do not have an HR team or want to reduce their HR workload.
  • Start-up : who want to save costs
  • Businesses that want to expand : Don't worry about HR management.
  • Organizations that need expertise : Be assured that the work will be handled by experts.

Hired to make salary New options that help businesses in the digital age

Salaryman service Helps businesses save time Save money Increase work efficiency and can fully focus on the core business For businesses looking for new options Salary making services are the right answer.

บริการ รับจ้างทำเงินเดือน FDI A&A

No more salary problems! Let FDI Accounting & Advisory handle it for you.

FDI Accounting & Advisory An accounting company that provides payroll services with a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts. With more than 28 years of ability, we are ready to help you manage your salary preparation system without worrying.

  • Calculate salary accurately Our team specializes in labor and tax law. Rest assured that your employees' salaries are calculated legally.
  • Prepare a salary slip Easy to understand
  • Manage the social security system Submit Social Security information correctly and on time.
  • Prepare tax reports P.N.D.1 and P.N.D.90 completely.
  • Prepare and submit annual HR reports. P.N.D. 1 Kor. Tor. 20 , Kor. Tor. 20 Kor
  • AdvisingAbout labor laws, taxes and social security

Why chooseFDI Accounting & Advisory ?

  • Expert team : Our team has experience and knowledge. Skills in accounting, finance, labor law, and taxes
  • Comprehensive service : We provide salary preparation services from start to finish. Including consulting
  • Good value price : We offer prices that are appropriate for the size of your business.
  • Modern system : We use modern software systems. Helps work efficiently
  • Keep secret : We keep customer information confidential.

FDI Accounting & Advisory Total Business Consulting Service, Completely comprehensive all-in-one place!

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💚 Line : @fdigroup

📞 Phone : 02 626 5999

📧 E-mail : infojob@fdi.co.th

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