How to register a company for newbies !

How to register a company for newbies !

How to register a company for newbies !

Nowadays, most people have the idea of wanting to own a business. Therefore began to turn to do more business and if at the point where the business has grown or wants to expand the business Registering a company is therefore the starting point for expanding and developing a business to grow and gain credibility. Today, FDI Accounting would like to introduce a simple company registration method for everyone to understand the process.

How to register a company

1. Think of a company name for registration.

Another important way to register a company that cannot be ignored is “Company naming” should be unique, distinctive, memorable for customers. and before naming the company You should search for information clearly before that. The name of the company that we are about to register is properly established. Is there a similarity or same name with a previously registered company 


2. Register the Memorandum of Association

The information that needs to be reported in the Memorandum of Association is as follows:

  • Company name for company registration
  • Location of the limited company
  • Objectives of establishing a limited company
  • Registered capital of a limited company
  • company founder information with a minimum of 2 people required
  • Information of shareholders of a limited company
  • Witness information with at least 2 people required
  • Meeting details for establishing a limited company, such as company regulations, board of directors, etc.

3. Arrange for a subscription for company shares and an appointment for a shareholders' meeting.

In this method of registering a company Shareholders do not have to be founders only, each of whom must hold 1 or more shares. Then, when the company's shares are sold completely. Must issue a letter to call the shareholders' meeting. The meeting schedule will be held at least 7 days after the issuance of the letter.

4. Select the Board of Directors to carry out various activities.

In the agenda of the meeting, the board of directors should be elected to replace the founder and carry out various activities on behalf of the company, and in the method of registering the company now, it must collect at least 25% of the actual share price. will apply for company registration The registration must be filed within 3 months from the date of the meeting. But if there is a delay and does not follow the said period The meeting will be considered void and the shareholders' meeting must be held again.

5. Reserve a name for company registration and submit a registration for company establishment.

Submission of a name reservation for the company registration method is complete. Which can be done in 2 ways:

  • Submit in person to the Registrar at the Department of Business Development in the area where we live or if we live in other provinces can be submitted at the provincial commercial office
  • Online booking by filling out information at the website

Documents required in this step of company registration method are:


6. Company registration fee payment

The fees required for the company registration method of this procedure are:


7. Get a certificate and certificate of company registration.

Now comes the last step of how to register a company. When the Registrar accepts the registration of the company and delivers the certificate It is considered that the company has been established legally. have various rights and duties Completely as the company should have in all respects.

8. Prepare for further management within the company.

After knowing how to register a company, what will follow is Preparing the system within the company both yearly and monthly accounting, taxation, payroll Hire personnel who will come to work in the company. Applying for work permits with people within the company, visa applications, human resource systems management in case of business expansion, etc.

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Just knowing how to register a company is easy. It makes it possible to register the company in the correct order. But if anyone reading up to now feels that how to register a company is difficult and complicated, FDI Accounting & Advisory  can definitely help you. Makes the way to register a company easy, complete, complete in one place, ready to take care and provide comprehensive advice. Can be contacted for service  Here  , which our services cover from how to register a company. Application for business licenses Tax Consulting Accounting both monthly and yearly Supporting business growth and expansion Consulting in the field of human resource systems Including consulting and visa services. and work permit

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