What responsibilities does the Human Resources Department (HR Planning) have?

What responsibilities does the Human Resources Department (HR Planning) have?

Human Resource Department (HR Planning) is an important department in an organization. Is responsible for managing the organization's human resources to be efficient and consistent with the organization's goals. The Human Resources department has main duties in the following areas:

Human Resource Planning

Workforce planning is the process of planning and determining the future workforce needs of an organization. By considering various factors such as the goals of the organization. Competition conditions in the market technology trends and economic and social changes Good workforce planning will help the organization to provide adequate and timely personnel with skills and abilities appropriate to the needs. You can read more from the article Human Resource Planning or HR Planning)

Recruitment and Selection of Personnel (Recruitment and Selection)

Recruitment and selection of personnel is the process of finding the right person for the desired job position. Good personnel recruitment and selection will help the organization to find people with the right skills and abilities for the position effectively. The recruitment and selection process consists of the following steps:

  • Recruitment and Selection Planning is planning and setting guidelines for recruiting and selecting personnel. By considering various factors such as the desired job position. Required skills and abilities and budget for recruitment and selection
  • Recruitment (Recruitment) is the dissemination of information and inviting people to apply for jobs. This may use various methods such as job postings on the website. Print media or contacting employment agencies
  • Selection (Selection)is the process of considering and selecting individuals from those who apply for jobs. It considers qualifications such as skills and abilities, experience, education, and personality.

Training and Development

Personnel development is the process of promoting learning and enhancing the skills and abilities of employees. Good personnel development will help employees have increased knowledge and abilities. Able to work efficiently and respond to the changing needs of the organization. The personnel development process consists of the following steps:

  • Training and Development Needs Analysis is a collection of information about personnel development needs. It considers factors such as the skills and abilities required for the position. Employee needs and changes in the working environment
  • Training and Development Program Design is the preparation of a training curriculum specifying the objectives, content, duration, methods, and costs.
  • Organizing training activities is organizing training activities according to the specified curriculum.
  • Training and Development Evaluation measures the effectiveness of training.

Compensation and welfare management

Compensation and benefits management is the process of determining appropriate compensation and benefits for employees. Good management of compensation and benefits will help employees to be satisfied and work efficiently. The compensation and benefits management process consists of the following steps:

  • Compensation Structure Analysis Collects information about the organization's compensation structure. It considers factors such as job title, skills and abilities, experience, and age.
  • Compensation determination is the organization's compensation structure. Considering the results of the analysis of the compensation structure and other factors such as market competition, economic conditions, and organizational policies.
  • Benefits Administration is the preparation and administration of various benefits for employees. It considers various factors such as the needs and desires of employees.

Labor Relations Management

Labor relations management is the process of communicating and negotiating with employees and unions. Good labor relations management helps organizations maintain good relationships with employees and unions. Able to solve various problems that arise effectively The labor relations management process consists of the following steps:

  • Building Good Relations with Employees and Unions builds trust and respect between the organization, employees, and unions.

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