5 common problems encountered in "registering a partnership"

5 ปัญหาพบบ่อยในการ _ จดห้างหุ้นส่วน

5 common problems encountered in "registering a partnership"

Registration of a partnership It is a business model that is popular with new entrepreneurs. Due to the simple registration process The taxes paid are not high. and flexibility in management

However, there are several common problems with registering a partnership. which may affect the business in the future This article therefore presents 5 frequently encountered problems in "registering a partnership" along with solutions. To provide information for decision making for interested entrepreneurs.

5 ปัญหาพบบ่อยในการ _ จดห้างหุ้นส่วน _ - 1

1. Selecting an inappropriate type of partnership

Partnerships in Thailand are divided into 2 main types as follows:

  1. Ordinary Partnership
  • Feature: All partners are responsible for the debts of the partnership, with no limit on the amount.
  • Registration:
    • No registration required But registration will make the partnership a legal entity.
    • A registered general partnership is called “Juristic General Partnership” (Juristic Person)
  • Example: Grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops
  1. Limited PartnershipLimited Partnership)
  • Feature: Divided into 2 types
  • Limited Liability Partnership: Liability for the partnership's debts does not exceed the amount invested.
  • Partners with unlimited liability: Liable for the debts of the partnership with no limit on the amount.
  • A limited partnership must have at least one partner with unlimited liability.
  • Registration: Registration required
  • Example: Construction companies, tour companies, product import companies


  • Study the information about partnership types carefully.
  • Consult an attorney or legal expert for advice.
  • Consider factors such as the nature of the business, the amount of investment, liability and flexibility.

2. Funding problems

Registration of a partnership They often face funding problems in many forms.

General problems

  • Insufficient funds : The business may lack funds for operations. business expansion or investing in new assets
  • Dependence on funds from partners : Partners may need to invest additional personal funds to support the business.
  • Credit risk : Partnerships may be rejected for loans from financial institutions.
  • High capital costs : Partnerships may have to pay high interest rates on loans.


  • Poor financial planning : The partnership may not have a clear capital management plan.
  • Lack of cost control : Businesses may have costs that are too high.
  • Insufficient cash flow : The business may not have enough income.
  • Rapid growth : The business may grow faster than available capital.

3. Liability issues

All partners are jointly responsible for the partnership's debts. This means that if the partnership has debts Each partner is responsible for repaying all debts.

How to fix

  • Clearly define the roles and duties of partners.
  • Create a partnership contract that specifies details regarding the investment. profit sharing and responsibility
  • Buy liability insurance

4. Conflict problems

Living together and working together will inevitably have some disagreements. If partners are unable to communicate and resolve conflicts It can lead to big problems.

How to fix

  • Establish clear decision-making mechanisms such as voting.
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and respect the opinions of others.
  • Find a mediator if conflicts arise.

5. Tax issues

Partnerships are subject to various types of taxes, such as corporate income tax. Specific business tax and VAT Entrepreneurs should have knowledge about taxes to prevent problems.

How to fix

  • Consult an accountant or tax expert.
  • Accurately record income and expenses.
  • File tax returns on time

Resources about partnerships

  • Department of Business Development: https://www.dbd.go.th/
    • Provide information regarding registration of partnerships Type of partnership Required documents Registration process
    • Business manual
  • Ministry of Commerce: https://www.moc.go.th/
    • Laws related to partnerships
    • News about business operations
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand (Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand)SME Bank): https://www.smebank.com.my/
    • Provides information on applying for loans for businesses
    • Seminars and training on business operations

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