What is HRM? Why it's important for business!

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What is HRM? Why it's important for business!

Human Resource Management or HRM is human resource management. This is a science related to managing personnel within an organization. Covers everything from recruitment, selection, development, supervision, and layoffs. The main goal is for employees to work efficiently. Driving the organization towards success and achieve business goals

The importance of HRM to business

  • Improve work performance : HRM focuses on developing the potential of employees. Encourage employees to have knowledge, skills, and experiences relevant to their jobs. Work efficiently Create good results for the organization
  • Create motivation and engagement : HRM focuses on creating a good work environment. Take care of welfare give justice Respect the rights of employees All of these things create motivation, satisfaction, and commitment of employees to the organization. Make employees fully dedicated to working
  • Cost reduction : Effective HRM Helps reduce human resource costs, such as reducing employee turnover. reducing disputes Reducing costs for recruiting and training new employees
  • Create competitive advantage : Organizations with talented employees, knowledge, skills, and experience. It has superior efficiency in working. Create a competitive advantage in business
  • Drive strategy to success : HRM supports the organization's strategy. By managing human resources in line with the organization's goals, strategies, and plans. To lead the organization to success
The importance of HRM to business

Examples of main duties of HRM

  • Recruitment and selection of employees : Find, select and attract talented individuals. Suitable for the job position Come to work in the organization
  • Personnel Development : Organize training and develop employees' knowledge, skills, and experiences. To be consistent with the needs of the job
  • Manage the wage and welfare system : Set, pay, and manage the wage, welfare, and benefit system for employees in a fair and appropriate manner.
  • Performance Evaluation : Evaluate employee performance, provide feedback, and suggest development guidelines. To develop work efficiency
  • Take care of the work environment : Create a good, safe work environment and promote mental health. Employee physical health
  • Manage employee relations : Communicate, listen to problems, take care of and solve relationship problems between employees. and between employees and the organization
  • Manage human resource information system : Collect, maintain, and manage the organization's human resource information.
Examples of main duties of HRM

Examples of good HRM strategies

  • Hiring with diversity : Hiring diverse employees in terms of gender, race, religion, and culture.
  • Rewarding and Recognition : Reward and praise employees who have good performance.
  • Creating growth opportunities : Encourage employees to develop skills, knowledge, and grow in their careers.
  • Effective communication : Communicate with employees clearly and transparently.
  • Listening to employee opinions : Listen to opinions. Suggestions from employees

HRM is a department that is important to every type of business. Organizations with an effective HRM system There will always be talented employees. Work efficiently Achieve the goal and create success for the business

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