Q&A about Company Registration


Q&A about Company Registration

Company registration is an important step for entrepreneurs who want to officially establish their business. In order for your business to have legal status and be recognized by various agencies, today FDI A&A has compiled a list of frequently asked questions about company registration. So that all new entrepreneurs can solve their doubts.

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1. Is it good to register a company?

Registering a company has many advantages, such as:

  • Build trustworthiness : A legally registered company. They will appear more reliable than ordinary people.
  • Increase business opportunities : Companies can transact with government agencies. or other companies more easily
  • Limited Liability : The company's liabilities are limited to its registered capital.
  • Create a good image : The company looks professional.
  • Access to funding : Companies can more easily obtain loans from banks.

However, registering a company also has disadvantages such as:

  • Free of charge: There is a fee for registration. and expenses for various operations
  • Time consuming : The registration process can take time.
  • Obligation : The company is required to file taxes. and make accurate accounts
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2. Select the type of What type of company registration is good?

There are many types of company forms in Thailand. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. Common types include:

  • Limited Company : Suitable for small and medium sized businesses. There is a limit on shareholders' responsibilities. There are 2 or more members, capital divided into shares.
  • Public Company Limited : Suitable for large businesses. Want to raise funds from the general public There are 5 or more members, capital divided into shares.
  • Company limited by partners : Suitable for small businesses. Focus on personal relationships No more than 50 members
  • Foreign Company Limited : Suitable for foreign companies wishing to conduct business in Thailand.
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3. The number of investors is suitable for the type of investor. What type of company registration is there?

  • Limited Company : Suitable for entrepreneurs who want to invest alone. or having no more than 50 partners
  • Public Company Limited : Suitable for large businesses. Want to raise funds from the general public
  • Limited Partnership : Suitable for 2 or more entrepreneurs wanting to jointly invest and be responsible for the business together.
  • General Legal Partnership : Suitable for partners who need flexibility in management. No need to register with the Department of Business Development.
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4. Company registration What are the steps?

Check the company name

  • Visit the Department of Business Development website https://www.dbd.go.th/ to apply. member
  • Find out if the desired company name is the same as another company.
  • Reserve a company name You can reserve 3 names. Reservation period is 30 days.

Register the memorandum of association

  • Fill out Form BOJ. 2 or Memorandum of Association.
  • Sign the name of the co-promoter.
  • Submit the registration of the memorandum of association at the district office. or Department of Business Development

Waiting for the registrar to check the documents

  • Wait for the official to check the documents for approximately 3-5 business days.

Prepare documentary evidence

  • Copy of the promoter's ID card
  • Copy of the promoter's house registration
  • Company name reservation form
  • Memorandum
  • Evidence of share subscription
  • Evidence of payment for shares
  • Certificate of shareholder meeting

Submit an application for company registration

  • Submit all documents to the Department of Business Development.
  • Pay the fee
  • Waiting to receive the company registration certificate
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5. How much capital is required to register a company?

Minimum company registration capital in Thailand Depends on the type of business as follows:

  • Limited Company : Minimum registered capital of 1 million baht.
  • Public Company Limited : Minimum registered capital of 5 million baht.
  • Public Limited Company : Minimum registered capital of 5 million baht.
  • Limited Partnership Company : No minimum registered capital required.
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6. Register the company yourself or hire an accounting firm?

Company registration can be done both by yourself and by hiring an accounting firm. It depends on your convenience and expertise.

Registration By Yourself

  • Save money
  • You can control the process yourself.
  • Learn the registration process

Hiring an accounting office

  • Convenient and fast
  • Rest assured that it is legal.
  • Receive advice from experts
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