How many types of Work Permit are there? What is it? Part 1

Work Permit มีกี่ประเภท

How many types of Work Permit are there? What is it? Part 1

For many people, the charm of Thailand is beauty of tourist attractions But it cannot be denied that growing business opportunities are one of the charms of Thailand. Whether you are a foreign professional looking to work in Thailand or an entrepreneur looking to start a business. Understanding work permit or Work Permit is important. This article explains how many types of work permits exist in Thailand. divided by occupation This ensures that you can proceed with the steps with confidence.

Work Permit มีกี่ประเภท

1. Standard work permit

As for the first type of work permit, how many types are there? The most common type is the standard work permit for foreigners working for companies or organizations in Thailand. The hiring company must meet certain criteria. Including capital requirements and a certain ratio of Thai employees to foreign employees.

Qualifications : Applicants must have a valid job offer from a Thai company and have job-related qualifications.

Restrictions : Work permit holders can only work in the positions and companies specified in the permit.

Restrictions : Work permit holders can only work in the positions and companies specified in the permit.

2. BOI work permit (Office of the Board of Investment)

To promote foreign investment in specific business sectors Thailand's Board of Investment (BOI) offers companies special privileges, including quick and simple work permits for foreign employees.

Qualifications: Applicants must have received a job offer from a promoted company.

Duration : corresponds to the employee's visa duration It will make renewing easier.

Pros : Faster execution. There is an opportunity to obtain a work permit even if the company does not meet the standard capital requirements and staffing ratios.

3. Work permit for foreign journalists

This license is exclusively for journalists, journalists or foreign correspondents who intend to work in Thailand.

Qualifications : Must be employed by a foreign media company.

Duration : Varies according to the specified duration.

Restrictions : For press activities only. Any other form of employment is not permitted.

4. Film Coordinator Work Permit

For those involved in the film industry This special work permit allows foreign film coordinators to work in Thailand.

Qualifications : Applicants must be involved in film production and associated with a foreign film company.

Duration : Usually short. depending on the length of the film project

Work Permit มีกี่ประเภท

5. NGO volunteer work permit

Foreigners working for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Thailand can apply for this license.

Qualification : Must be associated with a recognized NGO.

Duration : Depends on the length of the volunteer's contract with the NGO.

Restrictions : Only for activities related to NGOs.

6. Teacher's work permit

Foreigners wishing to teach in Thailand must obtain this license.

Qualifications : Applicants must have received a job offer from a recognized educational institution and relevant qualifications.

Duration : This generally corresponds to the school year. but can extend the time

Special Note : The Thai Ministry of Education has specific requirements for foreign teachers. including academic qualifications and background checks

7. Freelance Work Permit

This is a gray area in Thai work permit regulations. While freelancers cannot apply for a work permit on their own. But they can set up a company and apply for a work permit as an employee of the company.

Qualifications : Must establish a business organization in Thailand.

Restrictions : Self-starting companies must comply with Thai regulations. Including funding requirements and employing a number of Thai nationals.

Knowing how many types of work permits are available, it's easy to know that there are many opportunities for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, but it's also important to explore the regulatory landscape. Obtaining a valid work permit is not only a matter of compliance with Thai law. it also paves the way for a hassle-free professional experience in the country. If considering moving to work in Thailand It is advisable to consult with a legal expert or an agency that specializes in Thai work permits and immigration.

Work Permit มีกี่ประเภท

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