How many types of Work Permit are there? What is it? Part 2

ใบอนุญาตทํางาน work permit

How many types of Work Permit are there? What is it? Part 2

From the previous article we talked about How many types of work permits are there? what? In part 1, today we will come together on the subject of work permit types, work permits divided according to the nature of the occupation, continue in part 2, with a variety of work permits in Thailand emphasizing the commitment. of the country as a global center for talent and expertise. As the world becomes more connected and careers develop, Thailand's approach to accommodating foreign professionals remains dynamic.

ใบอนุญาตทํางาน work permit

8. Internship permit

Thailand recognizes the value of internships in providing hands-on experience to young professionals and students. Work permits for internships are therefore required for those seeking internships with Thai or foreign companies based in Thailand.

Qualifications : Must have an internship offer from a recognized company or institution in Thailand. Some internships may require academic cooperation.

Duration : The duration usually coincides with the internship period. This could range from a few months to a year.

Restrictions : The license strictly covers the internship role. and no further employment is allowed.

9. Work permit for retirees

Although retirees can stay in Thailand with a retirement visa. But some people may want to participate in limited business events or activities.

Qualifications : Applicants must have a retirement visa and the opportunity to work part-time or in a consultant role.

Duration : Usually short. corresponding to the duration of the employment or project

Restrictions: Retirees are unable to work full time and are limited to specific job functions.

10. Professional Work Permit

Thailand has experienced a skill shortage in some sectors from time to time. Foreign experts with specific skills that are in demand can apply. A work permit is granted under this category.

Qualifications : Must have specific skills that are in demand in the Thai job market.

Duration : Varies by project or duration of employment.

Benefits : Faster process if it is a skill that is in demand and accepted in the country.

ใบอนุญาตทํางาน work permit

11. Work permit for those who travel while working

Thailand where natural beauty blends with urban convenience. It has become a haven for people who travel and work as well. The Thai government is aware of this. Therefore, it is exploring ways to support this new breed of workers legally.

Features : Professionals working remotely using digital platforms. This usually belongs to clients or employers outside of Thailand.

Duration : Varies, but there is a push in line with the timing of 'Smart Visas' aimed at digital professionals.

Restrictions : Although Thailand is a popular choice, But the legal framework is still evolving. It's important to keep up with the latest regulations.

12. Work Permit for Entrepreneurs

For those who want to start a business in Thailand There are specific types of work permits, work permits that facilitate entrepreneurial ambitions.

Qualifications: Must establish a business entity in Thailand and meet funding and employment requirements.

Duration: Generally one year. but can be expanded according to the business performance

Benefits : It provides a means of conducting business activities, employing staff and supporting the Thai economy.

13. Research and development (R&D) work permit

Thailand is actively promoting research and development activities. Professionals and researchers who contribute to scientific and technological progress can take advantage of this category of work permits.

Qualification : Must be involved in a recognized R&D project or partner with an educational or research institution in Thailand.

Duration : Matches the duration of the research project or assignment.

14. Work permit for artists and performers

Artists, musicians and actors who want to show their talents in Thailand must obtain a specific work permit.

Qualification : Must have a contract or invitation from a recognized institution, event organizer or entertainment venue in Thailand.

Duration : Usually short. according to the duration of the show or exhibition

Thailand's wide range of work permit types reflects its openness to foreign talent and its aim to fill skills gaps across sectors. Whether you are a young professional a seasoned expert or even retirees Thailand has a way to work and assistance will definitely help to achieve success.

ใบอนุญาตทํางาน work permit

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