Seminar atmosphere "Opportunities and challenges of market expansion in CLMV countries"

Seminar atmosphere "Opportunities and challenges of market expansion in CLMV countries"

 On June 6, 2024, pastThailand Science Park NSTDA in collaboration with Exim Bank of Thailand (Exim Bank), FDI Accounting and Advisory Co., Ltd., Thaweekit Subpermpoon Co., Ltd. and Sundae Solutions Co., Ltd. Organized a seminar “Opportunities and Challenges of Market Expansion in CLMV Countries for Innovation and DeepTech Businesses”at Thailand Science Park. We received an overwhelming response from the attendees.

“This work was very good, gained a lot of knowledge. Each guru spoke to the point. Can clearly recommend It is very beneficial to my business.”

The atmosphere within the event was bustling with entrepreneurs. Those who are interested in learning about the CLMV market, qualified speakers from various fields.

Highlights of the event

  • Overview of the economy and market business trends. CLMV: Learn about the economy, business overview, and opportunities in each country.
  • Opportunities and challenges in starting a business in the country. CLMV: Lecturers with direct experience Complete with guidelines for starting a business in each country.
  • Strategy for making Online Marketing Solutions to satisfy customers: Learn online marketing techniques and strategies that are suitable for the CLMV market.
  • Deep insights into market access CLMV: Speakers introduced channels to reach customers and expand business in each country.

There are also booths from various agencies. Many A source of advice and advice about doing business abroad

Hope that all participants will learn and gain many ideas from this event. This seminar is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to CLMV countries. In addition, we recommend that all entrepreneurs follow the news and attend good seminars. Continue like this

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