Atmosphere of the seminar “Managing carbon taxes to make profits”

Atmosphere of the seminar “Managing carbon taxes to make profits”

Video highlighting images of the seminar atmosphere “Management of carbon taxes to make profits” held on March 5, 2024 at the Thailand Science Park.

This seminar was organized for entrepreneurs. Saw the importance of preparation and response in planning. "Carbon tax"

Important highlights from the speakers

Asst. Prof. Dr. Veerachai Atharn : The industrial sector needs to adapt in time, whether it is to receive information regarding carbon management services that the government is about to issue regulations for. If we can manage the carbon tax, the cost of producing goods in the industrial sector will be able to compete with the world market.

Ms. Puangphan Srithong : Carbon Fruit Printing is considered a tool used in competition both nationally and globally. The heart of carbon fruit printing is If done, there must be a continuous reduction in carbon. To move towards the country's goals set in the year 2065, however, I would like to leave everyone with the matter of carbon footprint.

Dr. Wanwisa Thanangkhano : I would like to invite the industrial sector Work together to create and push for a carbon tax. In order to export and expand the customer base to various countries. Be aware of the environment

Dr. Chanon Winichchit : I would like to invite all entrepreneurs to study the calculation of carbon credits and the various benefits that entrepreneurs will receive. and is a part of sustainable development

Mr. Parinawat Pansingh : Carbon credits and carbon fruit printing have an impact on everyone in terms of trade and business. From Mitsubishi's point of view, technology is one of the things that can help businesses be sustainable.

Mr. Phat Phattharaprasit : In everyone's daily life, there are more or less carbon emissions. Therefore, if you manage your carbon division well, you can generate income to develop the organization.

Mr. Pornput Suriyamongkol : Carbon taxes will play a role in business in the future. In Kbank's view, making carbon credits should have a plan in place from the beginning. You must plan for the long term and find solutions to minimize the impact on your business as much as possible.

Ms. Nantaphat Na Songkhla : FDI Group, a comprehensive business consultant, ready to take care of you from business registration to carb fruit print evaluation. We take care of all aspects and are ready to support businesses towards sustainability.

Mrs. Patcharaporn Wechwitayakhlung : From FDI Group's perspective, we see that business growth can go hand in hand with protecting the environment. This year, many businesses are starting to pay special attention to sustainability. That helps to have a tendency to attract both customers and investors as well. FDI Group, which is a business consultant, comes to help take care of customers as environmental consultants. To cover all dimensions of the business more Our service does not end in giving advice but also gives advice on further project registration and benefits of your business.

Participants in the seminar expressed their opinions that

“This seminar provides very useful knowledge and information. Helps understand the carbon tax mechanism. and management guidelines to create business opportunities.”

“The speakers have real knowledge and experience. Make the content interesting and can be applied to business.”

“This seminar It is a good platform for exchanging knowledge. and build networks with entrepreneurs and carbon tax experts.”


This seminar received an excellent response from entrepreneurs. Reflecting the awareness and importance of the carbon tax, the FDI Group would like to thank everyone who attended this seminar. and committed to being a business partner Ready to support entrepreneurs to adapt and operate their businesses sustainably. You can follow news and services at

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